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Parent Directory - Fairlight CMI IIx Release-19 Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 23:11 15K Oberheim Prommer Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:41 62K Octave Kitten Calibration Procedure.pdf 15-May-2011 18:16 79K ARP Sequencer 1601 Sheet.gif 09-May-2011 17:37 109K Boss RGE-10 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:18 156K Boss DRP-1-2-3 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:18 168K Boss RPH-10 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:19 185K Akai MPC-1000 E2 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:08 191K Alesis MMT-8 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:13 213K Boss RRV-10 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:19 227K ARP 2600 Patch Sheet.jpg 09-May-2011 17:37 260K Yamaha DX-7 & DX-9 Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 20:36 262K Oberheim Prommer Owners Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:40 279K Roland Jet Phaser AP-7 Service Manual.pdf 25-May-2007 22:12 285K Roland CR-5000 Owners Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:20 312K EDP Gnat Schematics ( Reverse Engineered ).pdf 20-Nov-2007 10:59 323K Boss RBF-10 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:18 350K Korg Mini Pops 120 Owners Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 21:29 356K Ensoniq SQ80 Service Manual.pdf 26-May-2007 04:52 376K Korg Synthe-Bass SB-100 Schematic.pdf 26-May-2007 04:52 376K Boss CE-300 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:18 393K Korg Delta DL-50 Overlay.jpg 01-Jun-2007 12:21 402K Wurlitzer 200A & 200B 31-May-2007 20:43 423K Simmons SDS Series 25-May-2007 22:12 446K Korg MS-02 Schematic.jpg 24-Oct-2007 15:48 507K Jen SX1000 Schematic.pdf 22-Mar-2008 21:10 509K Boss RCL-10 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:19 521K Korg SR-120 Owners Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:16 529K Korg SR-120 Service Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:16 567K Boss RPQ-10 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:19 574K Crumar Spirit Sheet pdf.pdf 09-May-2011 19:41 609K Boss RPS-10 Owners Manual.pdf 21-Aug-2007 12:40 617K Siel Mono Schematics.pdf 31-May-2007 15:52 622K Akai MD-280 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:08 644K Korg SQ-10 Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:30 660K MPC The Kit Owners Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 04:43 668K Korg MS-03 Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 11:49 670K Analogue-Solutions Redsquare Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:15 694K Akai AX-73 Owners Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 10:57 717K Teisco 110F 25-May-2007 22:12 720K Boss DE-200 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:17 742K EML 101 Schematic Re-Draw ( Draft 1 ).pdf 29-May-2007 20:17 750K Star Instruments Synare 3 Service 26-May-2007 14:07 754K Siel Mono Schematics 2.pdf 15-May-2011 18:30 763K Boss DR-55 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:17 779K Akai MFC-42 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:08 783K Crumar Bit 99 Owners Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:47 796K Roland PB-300 Owners Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:21 803K Korg Lambda ES-59 Owners Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:29 808K Roland SH09 Service Manual.pdf 25-May-2007 22:12 832K Boss DR-220A-E Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:18 876K Korg Maxi-Korg 800-DV Schematic.pdf 01-Jun-2007 14:35 901K Korg SQ-10 Owners Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:33 921K Akai MPC-3000 v3.0 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:09 941K Tama TechStar TS305 25-May-2007 22:12 951K Boss DR-110 Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 17:37 1.0M Oberheim OB-8 Page2.jpg 05-Jan-2010 12:35 1.0M Crumar Bit One Owners Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:31 1.0M Korg Poly800 Schematics.pdf 01-Jun-2007 14:48 1.0M Roland TR-707 TR-727 Service 25-May-2007 22:12 1.0M Teisco 100P 31-May-2007 21:39 1.1M Crumar T-1 Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:43 1.1M Kawai SX-240 Owners Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 10:39 1.1M Akai MPC-1000 E3 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:09 1.1M Casio CZ-5000 Sound Synthesis Summary.pdf 09-Nov-2007 10:56 1.1M Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Schematic.pdf 01-Jun-2007 15:41 1.2M Boss RSD-10 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:20 1.2M Boss RX-100 Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:20 1.2M Analogue-Systems Spawn Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:16 1.2M Realistic MG-1 Users Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:39 1.3M Korg Maxi-Korg K3 800-DV Owners Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 08:41 1.3M Korg Delta DL-50 Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 12:20 1.3M Analogue-Solutions Oberkorn v2 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:14 1.3M Moog Rogue Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 11:59 1.3M Casio SZ-1 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:30 1.4M Yamaha CS-01 Service 26-May-2007 17:51 1.4M Sequential Circuits Pro-One Schematic 1 of 2.jpeg 14-Nov-2007 14:17 1.4M Roland TR-77 Service Manual.pdf 14-Apr-2010 13:42 1.4M Korg MS-50 Schematic.pdf 27-May-2007 12:33 1.4M Korg Micro-Preset M-500 & M-500SP Owners & Service Manual.pdf 26-May-2007 14:01 1.4M PPG Wave 2.2 Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 11:59 1.4M ARP Sequencer 1601 Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 22:34 1.5M Sequential Circuits Pro-One Schematic 2 of 2.jpeg 14-Nov-2007 14:17 1.5M EML 101 Schematic.pdf 31-May-2007 17:47 1.5M Oberheim OB-X Owners Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 15:38 1.5M Kawai SX-210 Owners Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 10:39 1.6M ARP Solus Service Manual.pdf 26-May-2007 14:06 1.6M Boss DR-110 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:18 1.6M Yamaha SY20 Front Panel - English Translation.pdf 07-May-2011 07:35 1.6M Oberheim Prommer Schematic.pdf 01-Jun-2007 15:59 1.7M Roland RS-202 Service Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 10:41 1.7M Casio SK-1 Owners Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 17:38 1.7M PPG Wave 2.3 Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:00 1.7M Boss RX-100 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:20 1.7M ARP 3620 Keyboard Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 17:39 1.8M Korg Lambda ES-50 Schematic.pdf 01-Jun-2007 14:14 1.8M Akai MB-76 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:09 1.8M Korg 770 Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 11:49 1.9M Roland SH-1000 Service 30-May-2007 10:13 1.9M Korg 700S Service Manual.pdf 12-Nov-2007 20:54 1.9M Oberheim Matrix 1000 Schematics.pdf 08-Jul-2010 11:54 1.9M Mattel Synsonics Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 12:47 2.1M Analogue-Solutions Oberkorn Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:14 2.1M Akai S-3000XL Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:22 2.1M Crumar T-2 Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:45 2.2M Yamaha SY-2 Service Manual.pdf 26-May-2007 05:05 2.2M Yamaha TX802 Service Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 11:07 2.2M Siel DK-80 Users Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:28 2.2M Korg X-911 Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 14:48 2.2M Oberheim Matrix 1000 Owners Manual.pdf 22-Aug-2007 23:04 2.3M Moog Taurus Model 205A Schematic 2 of 2 ( 8.5 x 11 ).pdf 01-Jun-2007 15:51 2.3M Casio CZ-230S Owners Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 10:54 2.4M Akai S-950 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:17 2.4M Korg M1 Service Manual.pdf 08-Jul-2010 11:54 2.6M Yamaha TX216 & TX816 Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 20:44 2.6M Roland Juno-106 Service Manual.pdf 26-May-2007 05:03 2.6M Crumar Spirit Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:41 2.7M Roland SH-2 Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 15:54 2.7M Alesis Micron Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:16 2.7M Casio CZ-101 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:31 2.7M Oberheim OB-X Service Manual.pdf 26-May-2007 04:58 2.8M Siel DK-700 Users Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:31 2.9M Moog Prodigy Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 11:46 3.0M Boss DR-55 Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 17:38 3.1M EML 101 Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 17:49 3.1M Yamaha CS-70M Servicing 26-May-2007 17:51 3.1M ARP 3620 Keyboard Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 17:40 3.1M ARP Axxe Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 17:40 3.2M Siel DK-80 Schematic.pdf 15-May-2011 18:29 3.2M Boss SX-700 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:23 3.3M Casio CZ-3000 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:31 3.3M Casio SK-1 Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 04:35 3.3M Akai S-612 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:13 3.3M Wurlitzer Series 200 Service Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:33 3.4M Buchla 300 Series Schematics.pdf 09-May-2011 19:27 3.4M Siel Orchestra Owners Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:32 3.5M Buchla 200 Series Schematics.pdf 09-May-2011 19:28 3.5M Korg MS-20 Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 14:15 3.6M Boss SE-50 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:22 3.6M Teisco SX-400 Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:04 3.6M Crumar Spirit Owners Manual.pdf 09-Dec-2007 14:31 3.6M Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:11 3.7M Elka Rhapsody 610 Schematic.pdf 31-May-2007 22:55 3.7M Yamaha HS-200 & HS-500 Service 26-May-2007 15:03 3.7M Roland SH-2000 Service 30-May-2007 13:05 3.7M Elka Rhapsody 490 Schematic.pdf 06-May-2011 16:53 3.7M Moog Polymoog Service Manual Volume II.pdf 01-Jun-2007 15:49 3.8M Akai MPD-24 v1.5 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:13 3.8M Crumar DS-2 Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:41 3.8M Roland RS-101 Service Manual.pdf 28-May-2007 09:16 3.8M Yamaha Electric Grand Parts List for CP-70 CP-70B CP-80.pdf 26-May-2007 15:02 3.9M Roland MC-202 Owners Manual.pdf 21-Aug-2007 12:41 4.0M Yamaha CP-20 Service 26-May-2007 14:55 4.0M Akai S-900 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:17 4.1M Korg KR-55 Owners Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:19 4.1M Roland JP-8080 Service Notes.pdf 08-Jul-2010 13:17 4.2M Korg PE-2000 Schematic.pdf 01-Jun-2007 14:48 4.2M Yamaha CP-11 Service 26-May-2007 14:54 4.2M Yamaha FB-01 Service Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 11:08 4.3M Moog Taurus Model 205A Owners & Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 15:50 4.3M Akai AX80 Owners Manual.pdf 09-Dec-2007 06:36 4.3M ARP Odyssey Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 17:42 4.3M Casio FZ-1 Owners Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 10:50 4.3M ARP Omni Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 17:44 4.3M Roland RE-101 & RE-201 Service Manual.pdf 25-May-2007 22:12 4.4M Mattel Synsonics Owners Manual.PDF 31-May-2007 04:45 4.4M Korg MonoPoly Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 14:36 4.4M Kawai SX-240 Service Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:20 4.5M Yamaha CS-70M Trouble Shooting 26-May-2007 18:01 4.6M Roland TR-606 25-May-2007 22:12 4.7M Moog Memorymoog Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 11:51 4.7M BigBriar Etherwave Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 17:37 4.8M Korg Delta DL-50 Owners Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 12:19 4.8M Casio CZ-1 Owners Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 11:02 4.8M Crumar Bit One Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:38 4.8M Yamaha CE-20 Service 26-May-2007 14:58 5.0M Casio CZ-5000 Owners Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 10:49 5.0M Yamaha CS-20M & CS-40M Hardware 26-May-2007 17:53 5.2M Siel Cruise Schematics.pdf 15-May-2011 18:26 5.2M ARP Quadra Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:50 5.3M Moog Opus 3 Service Manual.pdf 30-May-2007 10:16 5.3M Roland W-30 Service Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 11:04 5.3M ARP Omni-2 Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 17:18 5.4M ARP Solus Owners Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:49 5.4M Yamaha CS-15 Service 25-May-2007 22:12 5.4M Yamaha CP-80 Service 26-May-2007 17:59 5.4M Yamaha SK-15 Service 26-May-2007 18:02 5.5M Kawai K3M Schematic.pdf 31-May-2007 23:24 5.5M Korg MS-10 Service Manual.pdf 25-May-2007 22:12 5.6M Siel DK-70 Owners Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:30 5.7M Roland VP-330 Service 26-May-2007 05:05 5.7M Roland TR-808 Service Manual.pdf 29-May-2007 09:17 5.8M Roland CR-5000 & CR-8000 Service Manual.pdf 25-May-2007 22:12 5.8M Roland CR-5000 & CR-8000 Service Notes.pdf 15-May-2011 18:24 5.8M Casio VZ-1 Owners Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 11:00 5.8M Casio RZ-1 owners Manualpdf.pdf 09-May-2011 19:34 5.9M Yamaha CP-30 Service 25-May-2007 22:12 6.0M Akai AX-60 Service Manual.pdf 07-May-2011 07:38 6.1M Yamaha CS-30 Service 25-May-2007 22:12 6.1M Yamaha CP-25 Service 26-May-2007 14:57 6.2M Siel Mono Users Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:33 6.2M Roland MKS-20 Service Notes.pdf 08-Jul-2010 13:19 6.2M Buchla 100 Series Schematics.pdf 09-May-2011 19:28 6.2M Roland JV-90 Service Notes.pdf 08-Jul-2010 13:19 6.6M Roland Juno-6 Schematic.pdf 01-Jun-2007 20:49 6.6M Siel Cruise Users Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:29 6.8M Alesis Andromeda A6 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:17 6.8M Kawai SX-210 Service Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:22 6.9M Moog Taurus Model 205A Schematic 1 of 2 ( 11 x 17 ).pdf 01-Jun-2007 15:51 7.0M Roland CR-78 Service Notes.pdf 11-Feb-2009 11:50 7.0M Roland U-20 Service Notes.pdf 08-Jul-2010 13:14 7.0M Korg Lambda ES-50 Owners Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:52 7.1M Yamaha CS-50 Service 26-May-2007 17:58 7.1M Crumar Stratus Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:47 7.2M Crumar Bit 01 Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:37 7.4M Korg 770 Owners Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 11:49 7.5M Roland MKS-50 Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 14:53 7.6M Yamaha CP-35 Service 25-May-2007 22:12 7.7M Roland D-70 Service Notes.pdf 08-Jul-2010 13:15 7.9M ARP 2600 Service Manual.pdf 26-May-2007 09:02 8.0M Buchla 100 Series Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:28 8.0M Moog Modular System Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 11:53 8.0M Yamaha SY20 Front Panel - English Translation.jpg 07-May-2011 07:36 8.6M Siel DK-600 Schematic.pdf 15-May-2011 18:34 8.7M Yamaha IC Guide Book.pdf 09-Nov-2007 11:24 9.0M Moog Minimoog Service Manual.pdf 15-Feb-2010 18:04 9.2M Korg Micro-Preset M-500 & M-500SP Overlay.pdf 27-May-2007 15:53 9.2M Akai S-01 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:18 9.3M Akai VX-600 Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:33 9.5M Oberheim Xpander Service Manual.pdf 22-Aug-2007 23:00 9.5M Roland TR-909 Service Manual.pdf 25-May-2007 22:12 9.8M ARP 2600 Patch Book.pdf 09-May-2011 17:50 9.9M Korg Poly-800 Owners Manual.PDF 09-Nov-2007 10:45 9.9M ARP Quartet Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 17:21 10M Peavey DPM-C8 Owners Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:26 10M ARP 2600 Owners Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:56 10M Realistic MG-1 Service Manual.pdf 15-May-2011 18:26 10M Roland JP-8000 Service Notes.pdf 08-Jul-2010 13:16 10M ARP Sequencer 1601 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 17:51 10M Akai AX60 Owners Manual.pdf 12-Nov-2007 20:53 11M Crumar Trilogy Owners Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 15:41 11M Yamaha DX-1 Service 26-May-2007 15:01 11M Roland SH101 Service Manual.pdf 24-Mar-2009 10:48 11M EML 101 Owners Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 17:46 11M Roland System 100M Service 31-May-2007 20:43 11M Yamaha Patch Charts for CS-10 CS-30 CS-30L.pdf 26-May-2007 15:07 11M ARP Quadra Owners Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 13:00 11M Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Owners Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 15:38 11M Roland Jupiter-8 Service Maunal.pdf 27-May-2007 12:03 11M Oberheim Xpander Owners Manual.pdf 22-Aug-2007 23:03 12M ARP Odyssey Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 20:40 12M Moog Satellite Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 15:50 12M Akai VX-600 Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:31 12M Crumar Trilogy Schematic.pdf 31-May-2007 22:37 12M Yamaha CS-40M Service 26-May-2007 17:56 14M Yamaha DX-7II FD Service Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 11:14 15M Roland GR-300 Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 17:44 15M Casio SK-5 Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 04:40 15M Korg Trident MKII Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 21:29 15M Korg DW-8000 Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 12:31 15M Yamaha YC-45D Service Manual.pdf 09-Nov-2007 11:20 15M Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 26-May-2007 09:08 15M Linn Drum Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 15:00 16M Roland JX-8P & PG-800 Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 20:48 16M Akai VX-600 Schematics.pdf 09-May-2011 18:36 17M ARP Quadra Schematic.pdf 27-May-2007 12:46 17M Moog 904a 1967 Schematic.pdf 22-Oct-2007 23:56 17M ARP Solina Schematics.pdf 09-May-2011 17:56 18M Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 Service 26-May-2007 09:13 18M ARP Axxe Service Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 11:58 18M Casio SK-8 & SK-8A Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 04:34 19M ARP Pro Soloist & Pro DGX Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 17:20 19M ARP ProSoloist ProDGX Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 17:59 19M Sequential Circuits Pro-One Owners Manual.pdf 24-Dec-2007 18:26 20M Korg Trident MKII Owners Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 21:35 20M Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Service Manual.pdf 08-Jul-2010 11:55 21M Korg Trident Owners Manual.pdf 27-May-2007 12:39 21M Casio VZ-8M Owners Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 19:46 22M Roland MC-4 Service Manual.pdf 16-Jan-2008 08:17 22M Roland Juno-60 Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 20:54 24M Linn 9000 28-Jul-2009 09:05 25M Yamaha CS-20M Service 26-May-2007 09:21 26M Fairlight CMI IIx Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 23:19 29M Roland GR-700 Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 18:25 30M Roland Jupiter-6 Service Manual.pdf 26-May-2007 05:35 31M Yamaha CS-40M Service Manual ( Alternative Scan ).zip 27-May-2007 16:03 32M Roland GR-500 & GS-500 Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 17:47 33M Akai S-900 Service Manual.pdf 09-May-2011 18:38 34M ARP Avatar Service Manual.pdf 31-May-2007 16:38 35M Elka Synthex Schematic.pdf 31-May-2007 23:04 36M Roland Juno-60 Service Notes ( HI-RES ).pdf 06-May-2011 17:14 39M Roland JD-800 Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 18:30 39M Octave Cat SRM Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 16:15 42M Roland Jupiter-4 Service Manual.pdf 01-Jun-2007 21:07 58M Yamaha CS-60 Service Manual ( HI-RES ).pdf 06-May-2011 17:34 87M Yamaha CS-40M Service Manual ( HI-RES ).pdf 06-May-2011 17:35 90M EMU Drumulator Service Manual.pdf 22-Mar-2008 21:39 116M